Your product photography coaching investment

Your ecommerce photography coaching investment includes two full days of coaching, and an initial site visit with you and your team.

Intro: Site recce and equipment brief: £250

I’ll visit your premises to meet the team I’ll be coaching, see your space and your products, and give you an equipment list for your product photography studio.

Day 1: Teaching day: £600

Support with product photography studio set up.

One full-day hands-on photography coaching. We’ll look at everything from setting up product shots and lighting, through to creating a layered PSD file from your raw images.

Day 2: Practise and post-production: £600

One full day hands-on coaching in post-production, image formatting, naming images for search, and an intro to visual marketing.

This empowers you to put into practise the skills you learned on Day 1 and teaches you valuable post-production skills and image SEO.

Your ecommerce photography coaching investment is £1,450 incl VAT

 A typical day long product shoot costs £600, so you’ll recoup your coaching investment in just 2.5 days.

This is suitable for one-on-one coaching, or for a small team (up to 4 people). To book ecommerce photography coaching for yourself or for your marketing team, contact me and start growing those sales.