We’re all still mediaeval market goers at heart. We don’t like to buy things without seeing them, feeling them, and trying them out.

That’s a problem if you’re selling online. But you can overcome our reluctance to hand over our cash for things we haven’t seen in real life, with brilliant product photography.

In the hyper-competitive world of ecommerce, your website must be your shop window and your best salesperson all rolled into one. Many case studies prove quality imagery boosts sales

But if you get it wrong, you’re setting yourself up to fail. Weebly research showed that 22% of online product returns are because items look different to their photos.

Get it right, and you’re golden. Great product photography engages people, wins their trust, and gets them to hit buy now.

My hands-on ecommerce photography coaching teaches ecommerce marketers to take exceptional product photography. 

Upskill your team, save money on photographers, and sell more.

Lily Blanche landing page. The product photography is a separate image to give designers the freedom to create different backgrounds
“Marsaili is one of, if not the, top ecommerce photographer in Scotland. Her attention to detail and determination to get the perfect shot distinguish her from the majority of professional photographers in Scotland. This, coupled with her knowledge of ecommerce and understanding of what the photograph has to achieve, makes her so valuable.”
Gillian Crawford,
Director, Lily Blanche, Wow (Scotland) Ltd

Grow your sales online with irresistible imagery

Ecommerce product photography coaching is an investment in your business bottom line and your team’s skills.

  • Stand out from your competition.
  • Improve sales online.
  • Produce high quality images faster, cheaper, and with more control.
  • Save money on outsourcing.
  • Increase your website traffic and sell from search.
  • Never be stuck for marketing content again.
  • Upskill your marketing team.
  • Improve your image filing systems.

If you don’t up your product photography game, you’re leaving money on the counter. 

Invest in your brand and your business with ecommerce photography coaching.

Jane Davidson ecommerce photography with model Anna Freemantle
“Marsaili has delivered top-class work for Scott-Group, Lily Blanche, TartanTwist, Toolstop, Demijohn and Jamieson Brothers. In addition to being a top-class photographer, Marsaili is an excellent speaker, tutor and trainer.”
Dr Peter Mowforth
Director & CEO, INDEZ

What this product photography coaching covers

I’ll upskill your marketing team to take high quality product photographs in-house and show you how to use them across all your promotional channels.

  • I start by providing you with a list of affordable camera equipment to acquire. 
  • Then I help you to set up a product photography studio space and show you how to set up lights and backdrops.
  • We do a full day hands-on coaching on how to take high quality photographs, introducing you to composition and how to use lighting and props to achieve different effects.
  • Then we do a hands-on tutorial in post-production in Photoshop, where I show you how to use focal points, create different crops for different digital marketing applications, and set up layers for graphic design.
  • I’ll also teach you how to format the images for different marketing uses, like your homepage, product pages, social media and point of sale.
  • Learn how to rename images for visual search, identify relevant keywords and create meaningful alt text. Your image SEO and your page content need to be connected and saying the same thing. As part of this, I’ll teach you to use Bridge software, because it makes batch naming images quicker and easier.
  • We finish our coaching with an introduction to basic visual marketing skills, for example creating images for social media with calls to action and using typography to work with your image.

At the end of this course, you’ll have a solid foundation in product photography for ecommerce.

Hamilton & Inches landing page 2017
“Marsaili is a great teacher ... She recently gave a brilliant masterclass on photographing products on a white background, one of the trickiest things to achieve in photography, at the Institute of Ecommerce scale up course held at Strathclyde University.”
Gillian Crawford
Director, Lily Blanche, Wow (Scotland) Ltd

Why choose me as your product photography coach?

After working in the photo industry for 20+ years, as senior photographer for Amazon, in advertising studios in New York, and for Getty Images, I know a thing or two about taking images that seduce people to hit Buy Now.

My photography specialities are luxury ecommerce and promotion for real estate agencies, interior designers, and architects.

Brands in my portfolio include Amazon UK and Europe, Corum Property, Waterford Crystal, Moet and Hennessy, Hamilton & Inches, Jane Davidson, Lily Blanche, Gretna Green, and DC Dalgliesh.

I’ve taken thousands of product photographs for hundreds of businesses and gained a reputation as Scotland’s go-to ecommerce photographer. 

Now I’m going to share my skills with you.

Your product photography coaching investment

Your e-commerce photography coaching consists of:

  • An equipment list for your product photography studio.
  • Support with studio set up.
  • One full-day hands-on photography coaching.
  • One full day coaching in post-production, image formatting, naming images for search, and visual marketing.