Real estate photography coaching is an investment in your business bottom line and your team’s skills.

  • Stand out from your competition.
  • Sell houses faster.
  • Get more enquiries and viewings.
  • Increase the amount properties sell for.
  • Produce high quality images faster, cheaper, and with more control.
  • Save money on outsourcing.
  • Increase your website traffic and sell from search.
  • Upskill your marketing team.
  • Improve your image filing systems.

The UK real estate market is on the back foot when it comes to quality imagery. Those agents who move fast can grab a larger share of the market. But if you don’t up your photography game, you’re in danger of being left behind by players who understand the power of visual marketing.

Learning to balance outdoor and indoor light is essentail for interior photography
“Marsaili reshot a property which had been on the market for some time with no interest. She met with the client to discuss what she planned to do. This involved moving furniture and personal items to show the property to its best effect. Within one week of taking this decisive action the property had sold for significantly over the valuation. The client was delighted, and so was I.”
Lindsey Vance
Branch Manager, Corum Property

What this real estate photography coaching covers

I’ll upskill your team to take high quality real estate photographs. Our goal is to present each house in its best light.

  • I start with initial coaching on desirable selling features, so your team understand what to showcase to attract more buyers.
  • We review effective real estate imagery, so your team understand what sort of images increase enquiries and know what best practice and bad photography look like.
  • We’ll do a site visit and a recce around a home with the owner of the property to identify its best features.
  • I’ll show your team how to style the house and set the scene to show off the home’s best aspects. And I offer advice on how to have tricky conversations with property owners about ways to present the house for a better price. Sometimes people don’t realise that their treasured Dungeons & Dragons poster collection isn’t adding value to their home.
  • Then we get stuck in with hands-on coaching on how to take high quality photographs, introducing you to composition and how to use lighting and props to achieve different effects.
  • Then we do a hands-on tutorial in post-production in Photoshop to align images and create a bright airy ambience, even if we shot on a rainy day in February.
  • Learn how to rename images for visual search, identify relevant keywords and create meaningful alt text. Your image SEO and your page content need to be connected and saying the same thing. As part of this, I’ll teach you to use Bridge software, because it makes batch naming images quicker and easier.

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to sell your properties faster, make more money for your clients, and more commission for your agency with quality imagery

Stay Kincraig, luxurys self-catering accomadation near Aviemore
“Marsaili taught our administrative staff the importance of using keywords for image search. We were able to evidence the success of this by the number of hits on our website. She is an incredibly competent trainer and has a passion for both brand photography and ecommerce.”
Lindsey Vance
Branch Manager, Corum Property

Why choose me as your real estate photography coach?

After working in the photo industry for 20+ years, as senior photographer for Amazon, for advertising studios in New York, and Getty Images, I know a thing or two about taking images that seduce people to buy.

My photography specialities are luxury ecommerce and promotion for real estate agencies, interior designers, and architects.

I’ve taken thousands of real estate photographs and styled more homes than I can remember. Now I’m going to share my skills with you.

No need to light the fire, there's always Photoshop for this little trick

Your real estate photography coaching investment

Your real estate photography coaching consists of:

  • Coaching on desirable selling features and effective real estate photography.
  • One full-day hands-on coaching in client engagement, pre-shoot styling, and real estate photography.
  • One full day coaching in post-production, image formatting, naming images for search.
DC Dalgleish interior design visual marketing campaign