I help companies to concept and manage photography and visual marketing for major campaigns.

The quality of your imagery determines the effectiveness of your campaign.

People are emotional decision makers. That means that we make decisions based on our gut feeling and then we post-rationalise. And the part of our brain that makes those snap decisions doesn’t read words. It responds to images.

I specialise in helping brands create compelling imagery that tells a story, builds your brand, and sells your product. If you’re planning a major campaign, make sure your imagery is up to the job.

Lily Blanche landing page, Spring 2018
“Marsaili is one of, if not the, top ecommerce photographer in Scotland. Her attention to detail and determination to get the perfect shot distinguish her from the majority of professional photographers in Scotland. This, coupled with her knowledge of ecommerce and understanding of what the photograph has to achieve, makes her so valuable.”
Gillian Crawford
Director, Lily Blanche, Wow (Scotland) Ltd

Your imagery determines the results of your campaign

I offer strategy and creative direction for visual marketing campaigns.

This includes:

  • Mood boards and creative idea generation.
  • Creative concepting.
  • Campaign production, including creative direction.
  • Producing complex shoots. 
  • Visual marketing strategy, including leveraging your visual marketing assets across your promotional channels, including your owned digital channels, earned channels  like PR and influencers, print, and point of sale.
  • Image search engine optimisation.

Get better quality images and maximum return on your image investment, with a multi-platform visual marketing strategy.

An image from a Gretna Green visual marketing campaign
“Last year I managed a major brand shoot at Gretna Green. Marsaili had to project manage two models across multiple venues, complex lighting rigs, demanding storyboards, and a lot of high-pressure from the client. The project included extensive post-production. The project completed as scheduled and the client was delighted.”
Dr Peter Mowforth
Director & CEO, INDEZ

How my consultancy process works, laying the foundation for great creative

I start by getting to know your business, your customers, and your goals for your campaign. We’ll look at what makes your brand unique and the mood you want to create. Often, we pick keywords together to guide the vibe.

Then I create the visual concept for your campaign. I do extensive research into your brand and your competitors. I create characters that match your ideal clients and express the look and emotion of your brand.

Next, mood boards show these characters in action, explore styling, hair, and make-up, and propose a story for the shoot.

At this point I’ll pitch the concept to your team and / or your Board. Then together, we refine the mood boards until we’re in a happy place.

Planning and producing your shoot

Once the creative direction is approved, I help you work with model agencies to choose the right faces for the campaign and negotiate their fees. I’ll also help you find the right stylist, and hair and make-up professionals. I work closely with these creatives to communicate your vision and ensure they deliver. You’re part of this journey all the way.

The next step is to organise the shoot, book locations, source props (everything from a horse and carriage to a racing car) create the schedule and brief the team.

Then it’s showtime. It’s my responsibility to ensure that the shoot runs on time and on budget, and that you get fantastic images. I also make sure everyone has fun and keep you in the loop the whole time. Plus, I always have a Plan B because it pays to expect the unexpected.

Post-production and releasing your new images into the wild

After the shoot you’ll get a selection of images to review. I highlight those with the strongest composition and the most compelling story. I also consider all your visual marketing applications and select the best images for ecommerce, social media, signage and point of sale.

Together we shortlist images. I work with the post-production specialist to ensure we deliver on the vision. When you’re happy with the quality, we supply you with a suite of images, high-resolution for print, lower resolution for digital and crops for different applications.

I can also help your marketing team plan to repurpose the imagery across all your marketing platforms, so that you get maximum reach and return on your image investment.

"We were delighted that in Marsaili we found the ideal collaborator. By taking a real interest in our project, and originating inventive concepts to turn our story into a strong visual marketing campaign".
Nick Fiddes
Owner of DC Dalgliesh and Scotweb

Why choose me as your creative consultant?

After working in the photo industry for 20+ years, as senior photographer for Amazon, for advertising studios in New York, and for Getty Images, I know a thing or two about taking images that seduce people to buy.

Brands in my portfolio include Amazon UK and Europe, Corum Property, Waterford Crystal, Moet and Hennessy, Hamilton & Inches, Jane Davidson, Lily Blanche, Gretna Green, and DC Dalgliesh.

I’ve taken thousands of product photographs for hundreds of businesses and gained a reputation as Scotland’s go-to ecommerce photographer.

Contact me to elevate the success of your next marketing campaign with exceptional imagery.